Please, an example!

OK, here we go. What looks like the sad little rest of a cupcake is actually the beginning of one. Scientists have developed a cake species that grows from within itself. Like yogurt bacteria. Amazing? It is. Just imagine a world in which no one has to be hungry ever again.
And you can not only eat this stuff, you can also build houses out of it – or rather in it, digging rooms as you like, and you won’t even need beds or sofas because the cake is softer than Cloud No 9.
You are a teenager madly in love with you neighbor, who is close yet so far away at night? Cry no more dear, just eat, eat, eat!

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Wrecked your car …

burnt your house, ruined your nails? Send me a photo. I will post it here and try my best to make up a story explaining why it is not what it looks like.

Cheerfully greetings from world-class-denier Goia

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